Sam Petherbridge


Current Projects

Strokes Per Minute

In 2012 coaching rowing I was fustrated every time I fogot my stopwatch. Combining passion for rowing and my desire to understand what it took to build a basic iPhone application and publish it the App Store. After a few false starts and a rejection from Apple for not having enough features, in 2014 the app was finally published into the App Store.

The app receives the occasional update as I seek to understand Apples, new development tools.

Strokes Per Minute Project Page

Status Codes

In 2020 fascinated by the power, speed and flexibility offered by Cloudflare Workers, I set about creating a project that would allow me to explore potential applications for this technology. Status Codes provides a simple easy to use API to return a desired status code.

Status Codes Project Page

Past Projects


In 2018, working in the space of programmatic advertising, I became interested in the connections between sites that can be discovered by analysing their ads.txt files and among other attributes.

DigitalAd.Tech Project Page