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App Update - GST & VAT Calculator v3.0

The latest update to GST & VAT Calculator has been released. This update introduces the new ability to change the application’s icon. The app’s icon is now available in blue, light green, dark green, pink and yellow. Under the hood the apps third-party dependencies have been updated to ensure everything keeps working as it should.

Full Change Log

  • ✨Added new option to change the apps icon
  • ⬆️ Upgrade Revenue Cat dependency to v4.3.0
  • Change version numbering scheme. This changes from major.minor.patch to major.minor. Moving forward any feature updates will be consider major.

About GST & VAT Calculator

GST, VAT & Sales Tax Calculator, is a quick and easy to use application to calculate values including or excluding GST, VAT or any percentage-based tax. With a customisable tax rate, it is perfect for any country or situation.

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