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Chippy Tools Update v2.1.5

The latest update to Chippy Tools has been released. This update focuses on the experience for users that use Imperial Measurement units. Most of these changes are under the hood and do not have visable changes visable to our users. While both metric and imperial measurement users see mostly the same interface the way calculations occur differ signficantly.

Full Change Log

🐛 Fixes bug where the baluster calulator would not invalidate values when the measurement units where changed. 🐛 Fixes crash in the triangle calculator when the base is larger than the hypotenuse. 🐛 Fixes an issue where the first value in equal spacings and running measurements would not display for imperial users if it was 0. 💄 Automatically hides keyboard after manual calulcation.

About Chippy Tools

Chippy Tools is a market leading go-to tool for carpenters and home handymen looking to take the hassle out of maths on the job site. Whether you are using your iPhone or your iPad Chippy Tools is the app for you. With its easy to use design Chippy Tools allows you to think about the Carpentry and let the app do the maths.

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