Sam Petherbridge

From 0 to App Store Charts in 2 Months

Just over 2 months ago, I released my second app into the iOS App Store. Having had a specialised app for rowing coaches in the store for over 7 years, with many thousands of users around the world I was unsure how my new app Chippy Tools for carpenters and DYI enthusiasts would perform. While I knew there was demand for the application and it was by no means new, I dramatically underestimated the overall demand in what I had assessed in a very crowded space with strong incumbent apps.

Graph - Chippy Tools Unit Sales to Early November 2021

After a very slow first month with a handful of people knowing that I had created Chippy Tools, its second month has been a very different story! Chippy tools is now routinely in the top paid utilities and has on occasion made its way into the top paid apps, on the iOS App Store in Australia, and multiple other countries around the world. Needless to say, these were both rather unexpected for an idea that had been on my someday list since 2013.

Looking forward to seeing how this evolves over the coming years.

Chippy Tools, is the go-to tool for carpenters and home handymen looking to take the hassle out of maths on the job site. Whether you are using your iPhone or your iPad Chippy Tools is the app for you. With its easy to use design Chippy Tools allows you to think about the Carpentry and let the app do the maths. Download Chippy Tools on the AppStore.

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